How Does Hammoq Work

Just as conventional hammocks are the epitome of relaxation and serenity—so is Hammoq, a simplified yet powerful eCommerce list and cross-listing platform.

Hammoq Home Page

The software solution is designed to help eCommerce entrepreneur and companies take full advantage of the lucrative $5 trillion industry. This is achieved by effectively bolstering your exposure, automating the tedious listing processes, and ensuring profits—hence taking your business to the next level.
The web-based platform is streamlined to ensure a seamless experience for users—starting with the sign-up process. With this in mind, read on for a step-by-step guide on how to use Hammoq and optimize your eCommerce business.

STEP 1: Getting Started – Intro

STEP 1: Getting Started – Intro

Log in to and click the “Get Started Now” or “Sign Up Now to Start Automating” button on the homepage. Clicking the button takes you to a demo page whereby you’re presented with a detailed setup form.

STEP 2: Create an Account – Setup Form

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This page contains basic/standard questions such as your name, email address, and store name/link. The section also includes questions regarding your preferred pricing strategy, shipping options, product description blurbs, handling time, and other related accounts information. The general idea is to personalize the listing and cross-listing process to your unique needs. This facilitates the optimization of your eCommerce business.

When you’re done filling the setup form with relevant and accurate information, click "Submit.”

STEP 3: Log In

Step 3:Login In

After submitting your detail log in to to view your listing. The “Basic Listing” page allows you to upload images and other product-related details. (Ps: Hammoq’s VA team does some of the heavy such as determining the best selling price and product type).

Next, click the green “Submit” button, which is followed by a pop-up requesting your store login details.

STEP 4: Drafting/Listing by the VA Team

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With the products submitted to support team for processing, click on the Hammoq logo on the top left corner to view your product listing.

Assuming you submitted 50 products, they’ll appear on the “Submitted” tab in the right corner.
After the Hammoq VA team works on your items, you’ll see the items previously on the “Submitted” tab shift to the “Drafts” tab, which basically means they’re in draft form on eBay or whichever platform you choose.

PS: The VA does not have access to your passwords or login details. They only edit and review the product details to streamline the process.
For any questions or queries, the Hammoq support team is readily available on call, via Whatsapp or on Facebook.

Automate your business, work less, earn more, and focus your energy on growing your business! That is Hammoq way. And keep tabs on an upcoming native app to take your Hammoq on the go.

Do you use Whatsapp?

The best way to communicate with your VA is through Whatsapp


Your VA will message you within 24 hours after your first batch of listings

On average, our customers can do 50 listings per hour using HAMMOQ

Hammoq is the fastest way to sell items and products across multiple marketplaces with a simplified listing and cross listing software. We have a dedicated team that helps you manage and streamline your business to source and grow your business. You can list any product with Hammoq! From clothing to furniture to miscellaneous products like tires and tools.

whether you're a tenured expert or just starting Hammoq works for anyone with an eCommerce Business and wants to streamline their business to the maximum optimization.

The first section is a our basic listing template where you can create your product listing.

You will be able to see your balance remaining at the time left corner. Your balance is only deducted when listing an item ($1.45), Cross Listing ($.45), and Delisting ($.10) from a marketplace you want to sell on.

You can upload a maximum of 12 photos per listing. If you have a unique circumstance, please feel free to contact us. For optimal product display we suggest to include multiple angles that showcase 12 photos.

1. default 2. Brand 3. Model 4. Side 5. Side 6. Front 7. Back 8. Condition 9. Condition 10. Condition 11. Condition 12. Image Tag

Bulk Upload can save you time if you would like to upload all 12 at once from your camera.

Hammoq is fastest way to list and crosslist your item

Just photo it and upload it with choosing the condition and let Hammoq do the rest.

You choose where you want to list it and crosslist it in settings

Q & A

Q: Do I need WhatsApp to use hammoq? I cannot load it...
A: We can do it by text message as well.

Q: How do i find permissions on eBay?
A: On the start form, you filled out there is a video on permissions. If filled out no need to do it again

Q: Once I submit listings how long does it take for you guys to complete?
A: The first week is slow but after that overnight.

Q: how much do I need to deposit to start?
A: So the subscription is a minimum. Anytime you request work we charge against it. So $99 then for a listing we’ll subtract $1.45 At the end of the month the first $99 expires

Q: Will my personal information be protected when i provide my log in or do the va see it?
A: Yes, your information will always be protected. We take permission from the client so the account will access, the information will be secure.
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